How to Build the Ultimate Sales Force in 5 Steps

Every business wants the best sales team. It isn't enough to have good sales reps any more, we have to build the ultimate sales force. We have to differentiate ourselves with our sales reps, training processes, sales coaching, demand generation, and corporate culture of experimentation.

Every client I have worked with over the past several years has struggled with how to improve their sales teams to provide a substantial uptick in revenue and profitability, and that is why I have decided to release the best-practice, mini-blog-series on how to do just that: How to build the ultimate sales force in five steps.

I will unfold each step over the coming week in a series of blog posts.  It is the same process I teach each of my coaching clients, and it is the same process that I have implemented for several of my consulting clients.  Following this process has increased sales by at least 30% at each of my consulting clients, and some of my coaching clients have more than doubled their sales by really inspecting their processes and optimizing them with the five steps we will explore over the coming week.

To be completely transparent, although the process is very similar, I must give credit to Mark Roberge, although I have long used this methodology, reading his brilliant book, "The Sales Acceleration Formula" has given better vocabulary to some of the terminology and descriptions of processes.

The five steps to building the ultimate sales force starts with recruiting the best sales talent (based on aptitude, not experience), training them to the best consultative sales processes, coaching them to retain compliance to processes and optimize performance, generating demand for them to close, and experimenting  with variables to improve outcomes.

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While you can come back here each day to review the five steps to building your ultimate sales team, we also wanted to offer to deliver it to your email inbox so when the chaos of running your business interrupts, you will still have the ultimate guide to building the ultimate sales force at your disposal.  Simply give us your name and email address and we will be sure to deliver each installment over the coming days.


By taking these bite sized steps, digesting them, and implementing them appropriately in your business, you will be able to increase sales  and profitability. So let's get started with the first step in the process:

Step One: How to Recruit the Best Sales Talent Regardless of Your Competition.