Inbound Marketing: What is a Buyer Persona? (Free Template)

We have all heard how important inbound marketing can be for your organization.  Even Forbes has been touting the benefits of inbound for any business.  

For those of you who haven't heard, Inbound marketing is the process of attracting clients in any phase of their buying cycle through the efficient publishing of blogs, newsletters, ebooks, white papers, videos, SEO, social media marketing, and other content. It is the opposite side of the coin to traditional interruption marketing.

The fundamental cornerstone of inbound marketing is the buyer persona profile. It is a strategic snapshot not of a target market, but of the specific buyer who you are trying to reach within that target market and includes incredible insight into their needs and challenges as well as how to reach that buyer. The buyer persona profile is also the basis of content mapping for your inbound marketing strategy.

So what information should be included in your buyer persona profile? The buyer persona profile should include information on persona background, demographics, persona identifiers, job tasking, goals, and challenges.  The buyer persona profile should also include notes on how we can help them achieve goals and overcome challenges, real quotes from people who are represented by the persona, common objections, your marketing message to that persona, and an elevator pitch aimed directly at that persona.  

You may have one buyer persona or several, it is important to emphasize that thoroughness in completing these profiles will make the creation of your buyer content mapping strategy far more efficient and will produce real dividends on the production of your inbound marketing campaign.