How I Traded a Big Mac for $2,328...

The rain drummed on the windows, and through the fog, headlights gave evidence of cars running up and down the street.  Inside, no one noticed, or no one cared what I was doing pirating McDonalds wi-fi.  The numbers that continued to stream online made my jaw tighten, eyes widen, and a grin flash in the reflection in my monitor.  It had only been 2 hours and I couldn't believe what I was seeing....


...And you shouldn't either.

This story is totally made up.  It didn't happen.  It is simply an experiment to determine who would be willing to believe in such an audacious tale.

They tell me that I should use this break to tell a joke, but I am not here to tell a joke.  I'm here to pick a fight with the ridiculous stories told by "Consultants" and "Marketers" who are making audacious promises that they just can't deliver on.

The internet is full of "Marketing Experts" who have made small fortunes from aspiring entrepreneurs who have star filled dreams of making large amounts of money doing very little work.  And as a professional consultant who has helped real companies both big and small improve processes, marketing messages, and corporate stories, I am here to break some hearts.

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to be wealthy, you have to work really hard and really smart to make your money.  And you have to work even harder to keep it.  

Unfortunately in today's economy there are going to be people who promise you the moon and deliver a load of crap.  Don't believe it?  Then spend your money and try to get it back with the "Iron-clad, No-hastle, money back guarantee" that they are offering you.  Why do they offer  a money back guarantee?  because they don't have any other way to deliver value.  

If you are in need of serious help with your business, find a reputable business coach or consultant who can help you navigate the pitfalls and solve the real problems you are facing.  Educate yourself. Most of what you will learn in a webinar can be learned by checking out the right books out of the public library or by purchasing them on Amazon.

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